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Marcuc Marcuc House
It is one of the oldest houses on the plateau, ideal for moments of relaxation in close contact with nature
Isolated village
2 - 4 beds
2 - 4 beds nd Book now
The original house was built around the year 1775 and recently renovated. It has a kitchen area and two bedrooms on the same floor, a double and one with bunk beds, for a total of 4 beds. Hot water is supplied both in the kitchen and in the bathroom by electric boiler. The décor is simple and basic. The large terrace-portico from which the view ranges on the lawn around is ideal for moments of relaxation.

The Ledrania locality is located about 1.5 km from the center of the plateau, on the south-eastern side of the plateau. The resort enjoys a beautiful view of the eastern area of Friuli. On particularly terse days you can observe the Gulf of Trieste. The house is located in a quaint and ancient village, accessible by car, surrounded by meadows.
Private admittance
Car place
Lawn / Terrace
Fireplace / Stove
Bathroom with shower
In the house small size pets are welcome.